1882. Northern Pacific Railroad Camp, Idaho Territory.

The body of Sheriff Roger Langston is found beneath the Sand Creek Bridge. Chinese railroad worker Wong Hok-Ling is charged with murder days after the unexpected arrival of his fiancée, Mei-Yin, who has escaped her unscrupulous father and stowed away aboard a ship bound for America. Mei-Yin’s courage is tested again and again as she struggles to free Hok Ling and find a new life in the racially charged West. Jason McQuade, the territory’s newest lawyer, must defend the accused, but after encountering the beautiful Mei-Yin how far is he willing to go—what sacrifices will he make—to save his client’s life?

Beyond the Sand Creek Bridge is a story of love, passion, murder, self-sacrifice and redemption. It is set against a largely misunderstood but relevant period in U.S. history: the eastward migration of thousands of Chinese sojourners—railroad workers—toiling to complete the Northern Pacific transcontinental railroad in 1882. Two cultures collide as Chinese and Caucasian protagonists drive the story forward.

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