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Blurb: Idealists Alden Frost and Fatimah Ibrahim break into a school in Uzbekistan, but their motives are benign. They raise a “companion flag” beneath the flag of Uzbekistan. The companion flag is a symbol of all that human beings have in common. Unbeknownst to Alden and Fatimah, the school is more than just a school. It’s the secret repository for the Şahin Diary, an expose on the Armenian genocide, which has been kept under seal (not to be opened for 200 years) under a treaty obligation dating back to the end of World War I.

When it’s discovered that the diary is missing, suspicion falls on Alden and Fatimah. If the diary’s contents are made public, the government of Turkey could fall, destabilizing the entire Middle East. Forces and interests around the globe are mobilized to find the diary — either to return it to hiding, or to publicize its contents. Alden and Fatimah find themselves in the crosshairs, and it falls to American diplomat Len Williams and his close friend, Uzbek Abbas Ahkmedova, to protect them.

THIS VOLUME INCLUDES: The Sanori Flag Debate


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